Monday, 25 November 2013

How to Creat A Blog/How To Use Blogger Platform For Blogging Easy Steps

Creat a free blog

 What is Blogger ?

Blogger is a free platform where we can create our free blogs.It is owned by join it for making free blogs to share our ideas and experience with others.You can say it is a free web hosting site where we can create  a free site without any knowledge of web designing.We use it without coding system easily.It has an editor where we can easily write our content.In this article I will show how to create a free blog by using Blogger as a platform and how to use it and manage it. So let's start 

How To Create A Free Blog By Using Blogger As A Platform

In order to create a free blog you just need to open  then sign up there after that choose any desired name that you want to set for your blog.
  • Go to ( Simple write in your browser text bar
  • Sign up ( If you have not an account for blogger just sign up with gmail email id )
  • Click on New Blog ( After sign up click on New Blog button which will appear on left  side )
creat new blog

  • Choose a desired name ( write your blog title in Title Box and address of your bog in address Box )
  • Click on create blog! ( Now simple click on Create Blog! button )
  • Choose any template ( Simple template is recommended to newbies ) 
choose  blog name and template

  • Start posting  ( Congratulation you have create a blog)
So readers! I hope now you can create a blog by using it is so simple to create a blog. Now i'm going to show next steps where i will show how to create a post how to edit template how to manage layout of blogger.

Create A Sample Post In Blogger Editor 

It is the most important  section in  blogger where we have to make a content for readers.It is the section where we can share our ideas it is the section from which we get traffic for our blog.So we need to use it very carefully because it can convert our free blog in to money making blog. So let's start 
  • Sign in Blogger ( In order to create a new post you need to sign in
  • Select a blog from your blog list (After sign in see your all blogs list and choose any one )
  • Open  Create A New Post (After selecting a blog from list click on pencil icon which you can see in screen shoot

Creat new post

  • Write post title & and post body( It is the most important section where you have to write your content in the form of a post and ave to publish on blog )

interface of post editer
  • Click publish button ( Click on publish button to publish your ideas in the form of post )
Congratulation you have publish your first post on your blog!
 I will discus the other features of this blog post editor with details in next article. Because this article is especially for newbies who don't know to create a blog and  how to use it.

 Create Pages For Your Blog 

To create pages in blog is not a difficult task it is same like post writing. Pages are very important for blog it may be increase the beauty of blog and help the readers to find the content easily.In order to create pages in blog you need to follow some steps
  • Log to blogger ( login to your blogger account in order to create pages for your blog )
  • Scroll down menu ( Click on scroll down menu and click on pages which will be appear on 3rd number )
  • New page ( Click on on new page tab after clicking a pop down menu will open click on Blank page)
  • Page created ( Page for your blog is successfully created now edit it same like a post )

Other Parts of your Blog 

 I have already mention about main parts of blogger were we can create our content and can publish it all around the world .But article is not finished  lot things still have to do.Blogger is  very easy to use so it is not a difficult task to create a successful money making blog. So let's start .
  • Over view ( In this section you can check state of your blog there is noting to do its just for your information about your blog state and incoming comments.There are some important things Post Published Today, News From Blogger,Pages Views 
  • Comment/Google+ ( In this section you can manage comments about your blog and can delete spam comments. in Goggle+ section you can attach  your google+ profile with your blog )
  • State (This section is about your blog traffic you can check your blog's traffic daily just clicking on State page )
  • Earning ( This section is about Google Adsense  here you can apply for google adsense and can convert your blog in to money making blog )
  • Layout ( In this section you can manage your blog interface you can add and remove Gadget )
  • Template ( If you are using template which is offer by Blogger then you can easily Customize it but if you have upload your own template and you want to customize it then you need to Edit HTML and you need to know about HTML)
  • Setting ( It is the last part of blogger. Here you will see many options Basic,Post and Comments,Mobile and email,Languages and formatting,Search preference,Others 

Our Next Mission

    So guys now you can easily create your own blog and can earn money from it it is very simple to create a blog hope you have read this article carefully!It was  my first post about blogging  i hope next i will do better.I need your support guys.I will write in my next articles about others trick about blogging which can make our blog successful.So stay visited my blog for more helpful articles.If you are getting problems to understand this article then you can post your comment i will help you.Keep Blogging!