Privacy Policy

Privacy and policy is kind of agreement between visitors of sites and owner of site. In order to use our site you should agree with all terms and conditions. Same like other sites we have also some privacy policies. Below there are some privacy and policies.

Users/Visitors Privacy Policy

There is no doubt that visitors and users of Bloggers Setup are very important for us and we get their information when they visit our site. We get IP address,Geographical locations,Operating system,Browsers detail, and other related things. You don't need to get worry about your privacy your information is not shared with anyone or publicly. Feel safe while browsing BloggersSetup.

 Users/Visitor Age

Basically there is no age restrictions because we have no adult or any other related content we have only informative content which can help to all. So everyone can visit BloggersSetup it does not matter how old he/she is.

 Our Niche/Type Of Content 

BloggersSetup is all about blogging,SEO,blogging widgets,wordpress,affiliate program,money making, . We write quality content on BloggersSetup for our visitors we have no copied content we write our own content also we have no illegal content on BloggersSetup.