Saturday, 29 November 2014

How To Add Google Custom Search Engine Box In Blogger/Blogspot

Custom search engine box
Welcome back readers after long time I was busy actually i got stuck at college now I'm free to write.Guys today I'm here with new article today I will discus about Google custom search engine box which will surely helpful for your blog and will make your blog  more friendly for users.There are many Blogger templates which have already built in search box but that  does not look nice.So I decided to to add new custom search box .So without wasting time let's start to learn .

  What Is Custom Search Engine Box Actually

Custom search engine box is a tool which helps to find data inside the blog and site it works same like search engine but difference is that search engine gives result about all indexed sites but custom search engine box gives only result of our blog.It is also helpful for blog because visitors can get access easily.For example if there is a blog having thousands of post so it is difficult to find useful post so with the help of search engine box we can get that post with one click.Another amazing thing about it that we can monetize it with adsense means when someone search a keyword in box Google will show ads related to keyword and of course you can earn decent money with it without doing work.We can customize box according to our blog design.It is really easy to use let me show how you can set up on your blog.

How To Add Custom Search Engine Box

It is pretty simple there is no rocket science juts follow these simple steps to setup box on your blog.
  • Go to Search Box Builder 
  • On left side there is a button "Create a custom search engine box" click on it
  • Put your blog link 
  • Select language (English) 
  • Click on create button 
 Google Cutome Search Engine Box
  • You have almost done one step
  • Click on get code button and copy it
  • After copying go to Blogger/Layout/Add Gadget
  • Click on HTML/JavaScript and paste your code 
  • Save your all settings 
Congratulation! you have done successfully you can do customize it very easily  make it suitable for your blog design and enable monetizing if you want you can do many things there. I hope you now you can add custom search engine box on your blog.
If you have any question  regarding to this article you can ask in comment I will try to reply in time and of course I will appreciate your feedback see you in next articles happy blogging.


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