Friday, 3 January 2014

5 Awesome SEO Friendly Blogger Templates Free 2014

Awesome SEO Friendly Blogger Templates

Templates is major part of a website or blog in oder to decorate your blog or website  first you need to choose a beautiful and SEO Friendly Template for your Blog or Website.There are millions of free templates on Internet which are provided by different sites but yo can't find any decent beautiful and SEO Friendly.When you are choosing any template for your blog first you need to check its layout and   its customise option.Blogger(Blogspot) also offer some simple(little stylish) templates which can't make our blog beautiful.I've found some SEO Friendly templates for blogger these are best for 2014.In this article I'll show how you can customise these templates.

How TO Upload A Template To Blogger (Blogspot)

In order to upload a template you need to know how to upload template.First go to after getting sign in go to Template section on right side click on Backup/Restore option  choose a XML file from your computer and finlay click on upload.

Points Should Be In Mind While You Are Choosing A Template

  • Template should be SEO Friendly 
  • Template should be attractive 
  • Template should be user friendly 

Blogism-By Templatism

Blogism a elegant clean with incredible changes and SEO Friendly template which is designed by syed Faizan Ali(Templatism).It can bring spark in eyes of your visitors due to its delightful features.
Blogism-By Templatism 2014

Maggner-Magzine By Templatism 

Another awesome Blogger template I've already use it on my other blog and got a 100% result from it.It can attract visitors with its beautiful design  and also it is user friendly.
Maggner-Magzine By Templatism  2014

Mash 2 Blogger 

Mash 2 Another user friendly template for blogger.It can change all decoration of your blog and can make happy to your visitors with its useful and delightful features.
Mash 2 Blogger  2014

MBT(My Blogger Template) Blogger

I've never seen like before like this template but problem is that newbies can't customise it easily it  especially made for professional bloggers.
MBT(My Blogger Template) Blogger 2014

MBT Church Blogger By MBT(My Blogger Trick)

Little old but still effective easy to customise user and SEO Friendly.No doubt it is simple(little stylish) but can attract visitors.
MBT Church Blogger By MBT 2014

Our Next Mission

So guys! hope now you will change your old blog template and will make your blog stylish and SEO Friendly.Simple upload any desired template in your blog and make a little customise there is nothing tough task if you are facing any problem while customising you can ask in comment section. Best of luck !


  1. Everyday, Thousands of Blogger Blogs are made everyday and in that reason, We need to make so many cool templates now to make them use it and make their blogs buffed their designs. Nice collection of blogger Templates !

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