Tuesday, 2 December 2014

How To Get .Com Domain With 1.5 Dollar From Godaddy

Custom domain 1.5$
After setting up a blog successfully the next step is to get custom domain name. Many newbies don't know even what is custom domain name and how to set up on blog but don't worry I'll explain every thing. First of all let me tell why we need to purchase custom domain for our blog? Answer is that in order to make our blog professional we have to purchase custom domain it also shows that you are serious in blogging and you want to go ahead with your blog.Custom domain also helps to get adsense fast on our blog. Let me explain one thing some people think that after purchasing custom domain name their blog will get more traffic but they are totally wrong we can also get enough traffic on sub-domain name. Without wasting time I'm going to explain how to get domain name with estimated one dollar.

 How to get custom domain with 1.5$

Now days there are many companies offering cheap domains for 1 year but you should choose a good company to buy a domain for your blog. Before purchasing check their renew plans because you have to renew your domain after 1 year if renew price is high then leave this company and choose second one. I'm going to tell how we can buy cheap domain from "Godaddy".

  • First of all go to Godaddy Offical
  • After landing on Godaddy page search for domain that you want to register
  • If that domain is available click on "Continue To Cart"
  • Now you can see your order make sure you have just selected domain name for 1 year
  • Click on "Proceed  To Checkout "
  • Now its time to make payment you can make payment with paypal or via master/visa card
So that was a cheapest way to get custom domain name if you have any problem and query regarding to this article you may ask in comment section I will try to answer . Good bye see you in next article.



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