Saturday, 31 May 2014

How To Write A Quality And Friendly Content For Blog Or Website

write seo friendly content
     Soon after receiving update Google Panda all crappy sites and blogs bought decreased rank.Google Panda is an advance robot who check our content just like a human.So now you require to put a quality  content on your blog.After obtaining advance of Google to write a quality and SEO Friendly content is not a easy task a lot of effort is required.It is a bad news or fine news? Sure a good news because now Google can understand our emotions :D while on the other hand it is harder to write a unique content now you need to think like Google robots.You are here because you want to know how you can make happy Google and your visitors.In this article i will discuss some basic and advance tips for writing a quality and SEO friendly content for your blog.So let's start to begins.

points that needs to be in mind while writing an article

  • Write for others(Visitors/Readers)
  • Write for search engines
  • Write a unique content 
  • Avoid to use more keywords

Write For Others (Visitors/Readers)

     It is the most important thing for your content and for your blog if you are writing an article you should need to write it for your readers not for you.Write a unique article which can attracts your visitor.While writing an article don't think about money and anything else just try to attract your readers because readers are very important for your blog traffic so try to make good relation with readers.

Write For Search Engines

     Another important thing that you need to keep one thing in your mind while writing an article that your content should be search engines friendly.You need to write like professionals to get rank on search engines.In order yo write search engine friendly content you need to follow some tips that I will give in up coming articles.

Write Unique Content 

     Unique content is back bone of your blog so try to write your own unique content there should be no copy past otherwise you can get a big loss.Make a good research before writing an article and always write about your favorite topic 

Avoid To Use More Keywords 

     On thing that should be in your minds that you can't get good traffic by putting lots of keywords on a small article it may be like black SEO which Google dislike.So always try to put only limited keywords.

Final Words

      So guys I hope it would be a very effective for you and surely you will get a little idea about article writing.If you have any doubt then comment below.Happy Writing!


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